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Empowering Your Inner Being by igniting your Powers Within

Every human being has the capability to realize every dream harbored within one’s own mind. It’s all about connecting it with a passionate desire that readily exists Within…far removed from the fears of the unknown. The day you entirely become the subordinate of your Inner Wisdom, you will become the leading Emancipator of Change.

Let’s embark on a journey together to craft an awe-inspiring YOU…

Anand K Nair

A high-octane transformational speaker Anand K Nair, Founder of Anand Nair Leadership Foundation, delivers proven solutions for empowerment and leadership that emerge out of ‘Powers Within’. His mission: To empower people and organizations to achieve sustainable success by embarking on journeys within oneself. As a popular keynote speaker he combines inspiration with insight in his charismatic style to emotionally bond with his audiences, while his energizing sessions stimulate the participants to transform their innate verves into positive energies to create intense desires for success and personal fulfillment.

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From a fledgling Management Trainee in the early 80’s to a seasoned CEO of a large multi-crore organization, Anand K. Nair always travelled that extra mile. Every milestone was a lesson in transpersonal leadership, entrepreneurial skills, and compassionate man management. His professional career graph panned over 3 decades, covering industries such as Telecommunications, Concept Selling, Office Automation, Printing, Advertising, Education and Research. It was his tryst with Education that made Anand K Nair discover his ultimate goal: a passionate desire to share his life experiences with the younger generation teaching them how to become extraordinary Leaders in both their personal and professional lives. Today, as a known Entrepreneur, Leadership & Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant, Life Coach and Author, he conducts several Corporate and Personal Empowerment Workshops across industries, Educational Institutions, Corporates and the Voluntary Sector as he shares his timeless lessons about life’s most defining moments. However, his most favored moments are spent in interacting with individuals across different sections of society as a Life Counsellor while passionately empowering women entrepreneurs across the country.

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Anand Nair Leadership Foundation

Anand Nair Leadership Foundation was created to generate a new league of extraordinary Leaders fused with high levels of integrity, spirituality and awareness who would think from superior levels of a higher consciousness.

The Foundation’s vision is to ignite the several Powers of the Universe that exists within all of us, bringing us face to face with the immense greatness that is embedded deep within our inner being in order for us to create amazing Masteries in life.

Its mission is to bring about a sea change in the sphere of leadership worldwide by engaging Corporate Personnel, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Mentors, Students, Communities and Individuals with the Foundation’s Sledge hammering leadership initiatives based on Anand K Nair’s over several decades of Corporate and Entrepreneurial experience coupled with his invaluable spiritual exposures.

Suite of Empowering Programs

For the Youth

The Sledgehammer’s Edge – The Inner Being and Leadership from Within

The Sledgehammer’s Edge – Creating Realities through the ideology of the Golden Circles

The Sledgehammer’s Edge – The Universe and your Powers within

For the Budding Entrepreneur

The Sledgehammer’s Edge – The Powers within and Exemplary Leadership

The Sledgehammer’s Edge – Leadership from Within and Entrepreneurial Empowerment

The Sledgehammer’s Edge – The Inner Being and ICE

The Sledgehammer’s Edge – Entrepreneurship and the Gladiator’s Path towards World Class Existence

For the Professional

The Sledgehammer’s Edge – The Inner Being and Exemplary Leadership

The Sledgehammer’s Edge – Leadership from Within and Strategic Empowerment

The Sledgehammer’s Edge – Leadership from Within and creating Intrepreneurs with Substance

The Sledgehammer’s Edge – Leadership and the EQ of Man Management

The Sledgehammer’s Edge – The Agent of Innovation, Change and Progressive Evolution

Journey of Empowerments

  • PESIT College of Engineering
  • Garden City College
  • Sri M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology
  • NIAM Institute of Applied Management
  • IFIM Institute
  • Sir MVIT College
  • National Panasonic Ltd
  • Wipro
  • Infosys
  • Reliance
  • EMC2
  • Datapattern Ltd
  • HCL
  • Starttopia
  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Al Ameen College
  • eCom Ltd
  • M S University
  • Power World Gyms
  • ITC Infotech Ltd
  • Rotary Club
  • Logica Ltd
  • M S Ramaiya College
  • SJKC College

AGNI Leadership Initiatives

AGNI Leadership Initiative’s sole aim is to bring about a sea-change in the sphere of leadership and management both in India and across the world by involving Corporate Honchos, experienced Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Mentors, Students, Communities and Individuals who passionately desire to change the world through sledgehammering leadership and management resources. Through its power-packed Team of experienced Mentors and Consultants, this Initiative is keen on supporting Startups, Women Entrepreneurs, SMEs and the like, to craft amazing organizations for themselves.

Women Entrepreneur Empowerment

Women’s entrepreneurship has hit a media tipping point. Women-owned entities in the formal sector represent approximately 37 percent of enterprises globally — a market worthy of attention by businesses and policy makers alike. In this conflict-ridden Himalayan territory, entrepreneurship has witnessed many a metamorphosis. Initially, it was taken up by the educated upper class men who invested their own money to build their fortunes.

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Then educated women followed and few have made a significant mark over the years. However, what has not been recognized is that many uneducated women are also enthusiastically raising family incomes through micro ventures and reinvesting their earnings in their families and communities. These women also inspire other women in their localities to pursue their dreams through entrepreneurship at the grassroots level. However, there are several challenges that women entrepreneurs face even today. To name a few: Financial assistance and credit facilities; Stiff competition from their male counterparts; Limited mobility; Family ties; Lack of adequate business education; Male dominated society; Low risk bearing ability; Adequate networking opportunities; Lack of ‘product to market’ know how; Adequate utilization of growing social media opportunities; Etc.  AGNI Leadership Initiatives understands all the challenges women entrepreneurs are presently facing and therefore have created this new division to assist them in bridging these gaps and empowering them to finally realize their goals and aspirations. With the formation of an exclusive Executive Committee consisting of highly experienced women entrepreneurs, AGNI Leadership Centre expects to become the ultimate guiding force for all women entrepreneurs not only in India but across the world.

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Today, the economy doesn’t just consist of Start-ups and SMEs. Start-ups and SMEs are the economy!

However, AGNI Leadership Initiatives understands the nuances and intricate cobwebs that exist within a given system and can fault success for any entrepreneur and therefore the Team are experienced enough to ensure you finally reach the pinnacle of success you so much dream to be standing on. The Team is not here just to support you, but to ensure that our fellow entrepreneurs receive all the tools required to paint their story of success.

AGNI Leadership Initiative’s Value Support Mechanisms

Critical thinking and problem solving

Project management on a turnkey basis

Developing and implementing systems and procedures

Channelizing organization’s objectives to advantage

Identifying and seizing new opportunities

Being a change agent

Establishing business contacts and linkages

Providing expert opinion and guidance from our wide panel of mentors

Empowering and developing management staff

Personal counseling/coaching for staff and the management team

Result Oriented Approach and Response

Ensuring success through Orbit Changing strategies

The Sledgehammer's Edge

The Sledgehammer’s Edge is a moving story about how one can use the several Powers of the Universe to successfully achieve every dream in one’s life and create amazing masterpieces for the world to enjoy. It is because we think, we exist and not the other way around. The very content of our thoughts dictate the standards of our existence.

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We have a choice in every moment of our lives to either be a victim or a winner! The story entwines itself around a young boy whose personal and professional dreams are turned into reality by a man who makes him recognize the inner strength he has by surrendering to the Universe and all its Powers embedded within his inner Being.

This book takes you on a path of realization of the enormous powers that lie within you to be exemplary in every walk of life. Hence, this book is not necessarily entrepreneurial in nature, but deals immensely with the Soul, Mind and Body and how they subtly relate to each other in creating masterpieces in whatever one does, both personally and professionally. Leadership is not about leading a group of people or an organization to success but living a life delightfully and living it from the very core of one’s inner being without being prejudiced by the fears of the unknown influenced by one’s external experiences. Written in the simplest form of narrative, this book will tug at your conscience and lead you to believe, just as Raj, our protagonist, did in the Powers of The Universe. I have written this book in a simple and uncomplicated language flow so that anyone, across the world who reads it, will be able to understand each and every paragraph crafted by me. I hoped to emancipate your existence through this book and have faith in the fact that I finally will. So read on and enjoy this journey with me…

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